postal communication

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I was already with the royal army and of course there could be no question of regular postal communications with France.
Our target vision is modern, functional branches of postal communication without queues and with high quality of service.
At a penny per letter, postal communication came within the reach of most literate citizens while giving others a definite reason to strive for literacy, and the resulting explosion in the volume of correspondence very nearly overwhelmed the capabilities of the service.
9 million dinars), this two-year project aims to reinforce the INT's capacities and competences by conducting training and technical assistance missions to understand the emerging international trends in the electronic communication and postal communication fields.
Compare, contrast and stand in awe at the endless visual choices made in the name of pictorial postal communication," she writes, rather wryly.
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has approved the bill making amendments and additions to some legislative acts of Kazakhstan on postal communication, the official media said.
As those were the days of postal communication, back in village, family members of these expatriates waited months to receive news through letters from their relatives in Qatar.
system, which will enable to improve significantly the quality of the postal communication.
Finally, Gardner has given a different perspective in justifying the dispatch rule, where he argued that the perceived reliability of the postal communication in its early days of introduction is the reason for the application of the postal acceptance rule (Gardner, 1992).
Also, the minister said, the talks in Baku also covered cooperation in the field of postal communication, the issue of transit of postal orders via Iran to the Persian Gulf and through the territory of Azerbaijan in the north.
MCIT Postal Office's head Novruz Mammadov informs that in the course of the meeting, the sides discussed prospects of collaboration between both countries in the area of postal communication, ABC Azerbaijan News reported.
Sc) programmes for the Semester Autumn, 2009 had been declared on 26th August, 2010 but result intimation card have not yet been dispatched to students as postal communication system has also been disturbed by worst flood condition, this has announced by Hafeez-Ullah, Controller of Exams, Allama Iqbal Open University, says a press release here on Tuesday.