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v. 1) to place a notice on the entrance or a prominent place on real property, such as a notice to quit (leave), pay rent, or a notice of intent to conduct a sheriff's sale, which requires mailing of a copy to the occupant to complete service of the notice. 2) to place a legal notice on a designated public place at the courthouse. 3) a commercial term for recording a payment. 4) to mail.

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POST. After. When two or more alienations or descents have taken place between an original intruder ant or defendant in a writ of entry, the writ is said to be in the post, because it states that the tenant had not entry unless after the ouster of the original intruder. 3 Bl. Com. 182. See Entry, limit of.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Slovenska PoA!ta, the country's main postal services operator, increased the prices for all domestic letters and postal orders, explaining that the previous fees did not reflect the real costs.
SHOCK: Pauline Schmidt with the Christmas card and postal order returned undelivered after 16 years.
A pounds 1 postal order or pounds 100 postal order costs the same to print - why charge 12.5p for every pounds 1?G Evans Caerau, Cardiff* I AM 83 and have recently returned home from the University Hospital of Wales after a three-week stay recovering from a broken leg.
The first postal order was bought by Arthur Bull on January 1, 1881.
Mark Spackman, prosecuting, said when members of the public paid for driving licence fees with postal orders, Baumber would take them and fill his own name in as the payee if they were blank.
"Make sure, if you get payment in postal order form, it not only clears but gives the bank time to come back with a forgery check."
Imagine my misery when the lady took the postal order as payment for a cup and saucer I'd recently broken!
Make your cheque or postal order payable to 'Glasgow and District Burns Association'.
HOW TO CLAIM: To order your free flipflops and sunglasses by post simply complete and send the order form below, along with a cheque or postal order (made payable to MGN Ltd) for PS3 to cover postage to: The Sunday People flip-flop and sunglasses offer, PO Box 1196, Cheltenham, GL50 9UQ.
Post: Complete the coupon below and send a cheque or postal order for the correct amount (made payable to 'Free Winter warmer set offer') to: Free Winter Warmer set Offer, PO Box 142, Horsham, RH13 5FJ.
POST: Complete the coupon on the right and send a cheque or postal order for the correct amount (made payable to 'Free Winter warmer set offer') to: Free Winter Warmer Set Offer, PO Box 142, Horsham, RH13 5FJ.
The Post Office re-launched the postal order yesterday, 125 years after the product was first introduced.