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Of note, PTSD alone was very infrequent, and no participants met criteria for postconcussional disorder in the absence of pain or another psychiatric condition.
Indeed, rates of postconcussional disorder were seven times more common, and PTSD was three times more likely within the PSC group compared with the Registry group.
The definition of postconcussional disorder "does not cut it," he summarized in an interview after his talk.
He has also posted a list of symptoms in a paper on postconcussional disorder that can be accessed under the heading "Medical Articles" on the Web site www.
Contrary to what mild head injury cases in litigation would imply, less than one in three individuals with postconcussional disorders reports headaches after a year, while only one in five reports any type of memory problems.
The brain trauma of postconcussional disorder is usually precipitated by a pedestrian-automobile collision or a playground accident.