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The first things I had been able to get for myself had been cigarette pictures, cigarette posters, and cigarette albums.
Men were going about carrying large posters, and flags and streamers were floating in the wind; while loud cries were heard on every hand.
And nothing remains but lingering perhaps in the memory of a few men, the sound of their names, vanished a long time ago from the first page of the great London dailies; from big posters in railway-stations and the doors of shipping offices; from the minds of sailors, dockmasters, pilots, and tugmen; from the hail of gruff voices and the flutter of signal flags exchanged between ships closing upon each other and drawing apart in the open immensity of the sea.
Some of these painted walls reminded me somewhat of the tall van, plastered with fanciful bills and posters, that follows the bandwagon of a circus about a country village.
In the center was a mahogany table, covered with books, and smokers' implements; the walls were decorated with college trophies and colors--flags, posters, photographs and knickknacks--tennis rackets, canoe paddles, golf clubs, and polo sticks.
A poster should not consist of only words on poster board (or more recently fabric).
Developing a well-designed, informative and creative poster takes time.
This poster session is intended to give students opportunities to present work outside of the paper sessions.
Handbills - Up to PS300 Programmes - Up to PS40 Tickets - Up to PS25 LED ZEPPELIN Signatures - Up to PS1000 Posters - Up to PS2500 Handbills - Up to PS200 Programmes - Up to PS40 Tickets - Up to PS50 PINK FLOYD Signatures - Up to PS600 Posters - 1960s posters up to PS1000 Handbills - Up to PS200 THE WHO Signatures - Up to PS600 Posters - 1960s posters are valued at around PS1000 whereas 1970s examples are valued around PS150.
Submit a poster proposal on any aspect of your practice, research, or student activities.
He also identifies key trends that have affected poster production including technology, social attitudes, education, graphic design, and others.