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Over the lateral and posterior aspects of the foot, the deep fascia is continuous with the plantar fascia (deep fascia of the sole).
MRI of Head and Neck Region showing Well-defined Cystic Lesion at Posterior Aspect of Neck on Right side at the Level of C3-C5 Vertebrae
The ROI were defined in the anterior and posterior aspects of the lower legs and in the medial anterior and lateral aspect of the ankles of both lower limbs (Figure 1) in a total of 7 thermograms.
By shaving away soft tissue around the posterior aspect of the talus, a virtual joint space is created enabling an excellent visualization and assessment of posterior ankle pathology, but this may be the cause of hematomas and excessive, undesired scar formation.
Cutaneous examination showed three atrophic patches on the posterior aspect of left trunk along spine axis.
T2 weighted MRI in both axial and sagittal views of the spine shows long segment of abnormal high signal involving the posterior aspect of the cervical cord extending from C1 to C5 (Figure 2).
Caption: FIGURE 5: Contrast enhanced sagittal T1 weighted image of the lumbosacral spine showing an enhancing intradural mass extending from L5 to S1 eroding the posterior aspect of S2 denoting intraspinal CSF seeding.
She underwent a standard lumbar spine MRI scan, which was performed with T1w, T2w, and STIR sequences and disclosed the presence of a huge L2-L3 disc sequestration relocated both caudally and from the anteriorto the posterior aspect of the spinal canal with a circumferential epidural course causing severe compressive effects on L2, L3, and presumably L4 nerve roots (Figure 1).
The soleus muscle contains two heads, one that originates on the posterior aspect of the tibia, and the other which originates on the posterior aspect of the fibula.
Posterior impingement is the result of compression of the talus and surrounding soft tissues between the tibia and the posterior aspect of the calcaneus.
This excessive pressure leads to a "separation" of the muscle fibres at the origin of the muscle in the posterior aspect of the tibia (partial ruptures).
Imaging demonstrated a complete tear of her anterior cruciate ligament, terminal sulcus impaction injury, and a corner fracture of the posterior aspect of the lateral tibial plateau.

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