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Patients were evaluated with ARFI elastography performed on their bilateral AT and Doppler ultrasound on their posterior tibial artery.
If the forefoot and toes are adequately perfused and the posterior tibial artery is intact, simple resection is the surgical option.
The reason why the radial artery is used as the place of pulse taking is because though there are many accessible arteries all over the body such as the carotid femoral and posterior tibial artery pulses, the radial artery is centrally located in the body, being neither too far nor too close from the major solid and hollow organs.
Pulsation of all peripheral pulses--femoral artery, popliteal artery, anterior tibial artery, posterior tibial artery as well as dorsalis pedis artery was palpable.
of patients Percentage (%) beedis smoked <10 yrs 6 20% 10-20 yrs 12 40% 20-30 yrs 11 37% >30 yrs 1 3% Table 6: Peripheral arterial Pulses Arterial Pulsation Absent Weak Normal Dorsalis Pedis Artery 30 Anterior Tibial Artery 30 Posterior Tibial Artery 28 2 Popliteal Artery 20 8 2 Femoral Artery 3 27 Table 7: Extent of the disease No.
8,17) If pulses are present palpation of the dorsal artery of the foot or the posterior tibial artery may be falsely reassuring as pulses can persist with a compartment pressure of >80 mmHg.
A year later (1990) the scar became increasingly tender and another wide local excision (dissecting out 2 plantar nerves, the posterior tibial artery and tendon to flexor hallucis longus) was done; histology showed plantar fibromatosis with involved margins.
Thereafter, the posterior tibial artery was catheterized distal to the pseudoaneurysm with a 185 cm 0.

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