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Currently, universities offer support to some individuals in the form of bursaries and scholarships, but there has been no loan scheme for postgraduate study, until now.
We are hoping to send graduates from Hope to Georgetown and Oxbridge for postgraduate study - these will be people from communities Cosmopolitan serves.
Their study identified a number of reasons why students undertake postgraduate study including: interest in the field of study (65%); relevance to current or future employment (64%); enjoy study (32%); skills required for current employment (27%); assist in change of career (26%) and promotion (15%) (Anderson et al.
If postgraduate study is an expectation in the first year of clinical practice then there is a responsibility for educators to ensure that students are aware of what this entails before they commence.
degrees from East Carolina University, with postgraduate study at the Music Hochschule in Munich, Germany and New York University.
Barry graduated from the university in Medieval History and worked in IT before returning to do postgraduate study at St Andrews.
Based in Sendai following a period of postgraduate study at SCI-Arc in Los Angeles during the late I 980s, Hitoshi Abe is a young Japanese architect who has achieved international recognition despite being based outside the milieu of Tokyo.
Validated by the University of Durham, these degrees in dance will also allow students to continue postgraduate study at other universities' Certificate in Classical Ballet Teaching; Diploma in Classical Ballet Teaching; B.
Betz enhances our strategic efforts to provide health science students with comprehensive product offerings in review books beginning with admission guides straight through to postgraduate study guides for board accreditation.
WKHealth also awards a $5,000 scholarship for postgraduate study in drug information annually.
I would still recommend postgraduate study to anybody who is capable of it.
The aim is to discover what motivates RNs to do this study; the support provided by their workplaces (organisations and peers) for RNs involved in postgraduate study; the impact of postgraduate nursing education on clinical practice; and the relevance of postgraduate study to individual practice.

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