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Each person's journey through postgraduate study is different.
Their study identified a number of reasons why students undertake postgraduate study including: interest in the field of study (65%); relevance to current or future employment (64%); enjoy study (32%); skills required for current employment (27%); assist in change of career (26%) and promotion (15%) (Anderson et al.
If postgraduate study is an expectation in the first year of clinical practice then there is a responsibility for educators to ensure that students are aware of what this entails before they commence.
Validated by the University of Durham, these degrees in dance will also allow students to continue postgraduate study at other universities' Certificate in Classical Ballet Teaching; Diploma in Classical Ballet Teaching; B.
WKHealth also awards a $5,000 scholarship for postgraduate study in drug information annually.
Some argue the paper is an unwelcome distraction from clinical consolidation; others argue it is a vital encouragement to ongoing postgraduate study.
Two consultations have been published today (4 November 2016) on new student loans which will, for the first time, offer maintenance support for part-time learners and encourage more students to take up postgraduate study with doctoral loans worth up to 25,000.
I would still recommend postgraduate study to anybody who is capable of it.
7% increase in graduates securing professional posts or postgraduate study six months after leaving in 2012/13.
As well as recognising the universities and campaigns that drive students to embark on postgraduate study, we reward businesses that work with institutions to ensure courses meet the needs of commerce.
PEOPLE choose postgraduate study for many different reasons.
STUDENTS thinking about progressing to postgraduate study could receive an extra incentive after Teesside University secured funding to provide 40 scholarships.

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