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Marston, who was known as a fast writer, would have quickly adapted for the choristers' use an older six-act morality play by either building on or creating the play's parody of Sir Oliver Owlet's Men and their unsatisfactory relationships with Chrisoganus and Posthaste.
Also like Bush, he makes me wonder if he is at all vaguely aware that he doesn't, in fact, have even a fraction of the abilities needed to lead our country back up and over the top of the same cliff the Bush administration led us posthaste over and down.
Eight Eldorado County deputies screeched up posthaste, and at first glance, it seemed the reports were true: a gruesome group of gangrenous-lookin' ghouls with huge gaping wounds and protruding broken bones were indeed mauling a screamin' female.
Residing on a black wall running the width of the gallery, this panoramic triptych features branches rendered in thick paint and, bunched up along the bottom edge, an assortment of spills, blobs, drips, and shapes--boggy organic forms fashioned posthaste from tubes of polymer and locked in place by a deadening orange ground.
Tom Tancredo is a candidate who would halt illegal immigration posthaste and fight for sensible spending measures and tax policies.
The real frog has a sticky, darting, goodbye fly" tongue and springy legs to plop him posthaste into the pond.
In other words, Major League Baseball's playoff system--specifically, the wild card--must go; a post-season restructuring is needed posthaste.
If you count yourself among the few, the proud, the discerning, then Auto Legends: Classics of Style and Design is something you should secure posthaste, as it is quite simply a marvelous celebration of stunning autos, from the 1901 Olds Curved Dash Runabout (arguably not the most propitious opening; the 1907 Rolls London-Edinburgh Silver Ghost should have been the first) to the 2002 Ferrari Enzo (which author Robert Cumberford, whom you may be familiar with from his work as design editor for Automobile magazine, describes as the "ultimate art-object car"--although one doesn't ordinarily think of sculptures traveling at speeds in excess of 200 mph).
And because it has broad community support, the plan could be implemented posthaste, serving as a crucial stopgap until there's funding and sufficient public support for a more comprehensive solution.
Further, we call on GSK to voluntarily license its HIV medications posthaste to all willing manufacturers in poor countries.
If he won't resign, the Illinois legislature should begin impeachment proceedings posthaste.