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THE hits of the Mathew Street Festival are returning to Liverpool posthaste by royal appointment.
May those who have been taken away rest in peace, and may the suffering of those who lived through this enormous tragedy be relieved posthaste.
in a compelling way, and do so posthaste, you may be spending your Saturday evenings alone.
3 through which voters mandated the state to get on about the business of marketing Alaska North Slope (ANSI gas, posthaste.
Therefore, he says, its long-distance application, pending before the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, should be approved posthaste.
Details of a review of the securities tax system, which has been left pending despite its presence in the package, and the establishment of a stock-purchasing organization must be fine-tuned posthaste to break the vicious circle of economic slowdown and plunging stock prices.
Stoico alerted McAfee, its antivirus vendor, which sent an inoculation posthaste.
And the king sent for the five brothers, to bring their skills, posthaste.
When [saltwater] fish are plunged unexpectedly into a muddy fresh-water bath, they appear to lose their heads entirely and make their way posthaste to shore," explained the July 29 Daily Register: Mobile.
The authorities took swift action, of course, and executed Jesus posthaste.