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"Raksha Mantri Rajnath Singh has approved four Mention-in-Despatches to the Army Personnel for their significant contributions in different military operations which include one posthumous for 'Operation Anantnag Town'," the release further said.
Posthumous remains of 6.610 genocide victims have been buried at the Srebrenica - Potocari Memorial Center so far, and over 1000 residents of Srebrenica who went missing still have not been found.
The descendants of the posthumous awardees will receive the plaques of recognition.
Posthumous is about love and hope and finding joy, even through incredible loss.
Although Aevitas supported the applicant's plans of posthumous conception, this is not determinative of the parties' legal rights.
Posthumous pardons are rare, but not unprecedented.
The prominent and posthumous individual nominees will be judged based on their demonstration of professional competence of the highest degree and how they conducted themselves with integrity in the exercise of profession; their participation in professional activities through the accredited professional organization or any other professional organizations; their contribution to the advancement of the profession; and their accomplishments in the effective discharge of the profession's social responsibility through meaningful contribution/participation on socioeconomic related activities.
Jane Sutton collects | a posthumous honorary degree from Coventry University for her son Stephen (pictured) inset
Jason Schwartz's stark and mysterious John the Posthumous is described by its publisher as a "novella in objects," which accurately captures the brevity and strangeness of this book.
inquiry into the permissibility of posthumous reproduction.
Those who received Sitara-i-Basalat include Wing Commanders Syed Omer Shah and Jamal Akbar Afridi (Posthumous).