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explicit (or sometimes implied) consent to posthumous reproduction.
Posthumous Sperm Retrieval is a unique procedure where the stem cells generated from the dead body are collected, processed and preserved at sub- zero temperatures for potential future use," she added.
Cardiff solicitor Bernard de Maid, who in 1998 won a posthumous appeal for Somali seaman Mahmood Mattan, the last man to be hanged in Cardiff Prison, has revealed that a number of witness statements exist which exonerate Penderyn of the crime.
Meanwhile, another famous woman=97known primarily to Americans=97has been submitted as a candidate for posthumous baptism just one day after her death.
gives a pocket the weight of syllogism: no posthumous event can affect
Corporal Lee Brownson, from Bishop Auckland, who died in a blast from an improvised explosive device near Sangin in January, was awarded a posthumous Conspicuous Gallantry Cross.
CDATA[ King Boris III of Bulgaria receives a posthumous award for saving his country's Jews during the Holocaust.
Stanley Plumly, Posthumous Keats: A Personal Biography (New York & London: W.
The United States Justice Department has declined to back a posthumous pardon for black heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson.
Posthumous, proxy, vicarious, or temple baptism began c.
But with a standing ovation for his powerful performance as The Joker in "The Dark Knight," 28-year-old actor Heath Ledger became the second actor in history to receive a posthumous Oscar.