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Automobiles, classified as durable (sometimes luxurious durable), are not recession-proof since consumption is postponable.
35] And, they had not been sent to relay messages or to restrain the partisans; they were commissioned to coordinate and/or lead the no longer postponable eruption.
I was led to it by my finally getting around to reading through (one of those postponable masterpieces) James's The American Scene, published the same year.
It is well known that the true NPV of a postponable investment project can be greater than the project's conventional or basic NPV, calculated by discounting all the project's cash flows at current discount rates.
First, consumer expenditures on durable goods are more sensitive to economic conditions than other consumer expenditures because they typically are postponable and acquired on credit.
The other alternative, assuming the purchase of equipment was not postponable and the net cash inflow from operations was expected to be minimal, would be to secure a source of significant new financing.
Whatever costs are postponable are likely to go by the boards (Skryzcki 1988).
Although the decision of the Missouri Supreme Court is potentially ambiguous on some points, clearly the intention was to make it virtually impossible for a postponable death to occur early, at least for incompetent persons.
We asked our technologists to vote on whether they considered the projects essential, important but not essential, postponable, or not worth doing.
In summary," Leamer writes, "this economic illness is concentrated in the postponable components of GDP: home building and housing services, consumer durables and transportation services and producer durables.