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I think this is something that the people should be aware of because the President is all too often used as an excuse to postpone the elections,' he said on Tuesday.
The Ministry of Justice, the legal advisor of the government, is more aware than the rest that the Council of Ministers does not have legal or constitutional right to postpone elections but it can only initiate a legal process for amending some articles of the constitution to postpone elections.
According to the sources, the Cabinet will issue a decision next week to postpone the elections for another six months starting from September 14, the end of the period set by the amended municipalities law.
Egyptian officials were trying to convince the President of the South Sudan government, Salva Kiir Mayardit, to postpone the referendum by three to six months.
Postpone paying other itemized deduction: Similar to taxes, taxpayers may consider postponing or accelerating paying certain addback itemized deductions, such as nonqualified mortgage interest (discussed below).
David Robins, the chairman of the Midlands Leagues organising committee said: "Permission to postpone matches must be made to the individual league secretaries.
David Robins, the chairman of the Midlands Leagues' Organising Committee, said:' Permission to postpone matches must be made to the individual league secretaries.
Prisoners moved to postpone the automatic stay of the consent decree's provisions.
The airline has revealed that customers who choose to postpone travel in the event of war can used the full value of the unused ticket to purchase a new ticket with no fee.
The producers asked the industry and trade minister and the Food and Medicine Supervisory (POM) Board to postpone the regulation requiring imported wheat flour to meet the Indonesian National Standard (SNI).
Yongcheon will send officials to Kuroishi for about two months from the middle of this month, reversing its earlier decision to postpone the program indefinitely because of the Japanese history textbook issue, the officials said.