postponed payment

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The Central Bank of Egypt had earlier postponed payment of the sector's dues for three years.
She attends school on a scholarship and works two full-time jobs, and I postponed payment of rent until her next student loan came through.
The dues mentioned in such decisions for the deferral and postponement are excluded from the single account for paying taxes and mandatory social security contributions until the maturity date of the deferred or postponed payment.
At the NFU, we receive reports of many different demands being placed on farmers and processors who have little or no choice but to pass on payment demands, reductions in price, guaranteed margins or postponed payment terms to their farmer suppliers.
BOSTON -- Pioneer Investments today announced that Pioneer Floating Rate Trust (NYSE: PHD) has postponed payment of the previously declared November distribution to common shareholders.
Due to postponed payment, the revenues in 2015 will total 17 million euros, while there will be additional 1.
We arranged a postponed payment plan and advised her to claim against the premium rate service provider.
The Company has also announced that it has postponed payment of its third quarter dividend pending an analysis of the costs of the merger.
The ability of insurance companies to pay claims fell as they now either pay part of the claims postponed payment altogether," he continued.
Additionally, under the terms of the second extension agreement, MCC postponed payment of the February extension fee.