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The investigation would begin at eight o'clock that evening in the committee-room, and if postponement were necessary, the proceedings would be resumed each evening at the same hour.
But, my dear fellow, those are things that bear postponement and you must put it off, especially with so good an excuse to give on your return "
Owing to the illness of one of his fellow-clerks, it was likely that he would get no holiday until later in the year, which would mean the postponement of their marriage.
By this time, the apoplectic butler was nearly in fits, in consequence of the unheard-of postponement of dinner.
I had still enough of the honest man in me to welcome the postponement of our actual felonies, to dread their performance, to deplore their necessity: which is merely another way of stating the too patent fact that I was an incomparably weaker man than Raffles, while every whit as wicked.
So now, let us agree on two things; first, the postponement of the appointment; second, your SINCERE support of my election.
Persons and events may stand for a time between you and justice, but it is only a postponement.
This moves the polls to October 8, marking the third postponement of Barangay and SK polls.
For lack of time and support by majority members, the proposed postponement of the May 14 barangay elections this year might not get the approval of the Senate, two senators have said.
Since Malacanang has already spoken, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) believes that speculations on the possible postponement of the May 14 barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) polls should now end.
Yung last postponement, nahirapan na kami ilusot," he explained.
POLIO DRIVE POSTPONED: Polio volunteers in Bajaur Agency on Tuesday criticised the health department for sudden postponement of the anti-polio campaign, which was to start in the agency from Feb 12, and appealed to the authorities to give them wages for the drive.