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But when the month was drawing to a close she found still another excuse upon which to hang a postponement, until at last, discouraged and doubting, Clayton was forced to go back to England alone.
He'll have to learn, and he shall, without postponement," Scott said.
So now, let us agree on two things; first, the postponement of the appointment; second, your SINCERE support of my election.
By this time, the apoplectic butler was nearly in fits, in consequence of the unheard-of postponement of dinner.
Persons and events may stand for a time between you and justice, but it is only a postponement.
I had still enough of the honest man in me to welcome the postponement of our actual felonies, to dread their performance, to deplore their necessity: which is merely another way of stating the too patent fact that I was an incomparably weaker man than Raffles, while every whit as wicked.
When everything was ready, the landlord took off the cover for the last time, and then indeed there burst forth such a goodly promise of supper, that if he had offered to put it on again or had hinted at postponement, he would certainly have been sacrificed on his own hearth.
Almost half of these (38,990) were patient postponements, which means the procedure is postponed at the patient's request or the patient does not turn up.
These postponements provide an opportunity for industry to take the necessary action and retrofit their plants to enable them to comply with the standards in the near future.
Broken down into the seven health board areas, Abertawe Bro Morgannwg had the highest rate of "non-clinical" postponements, defined by Health Minister Mark Drakeford as "where the procedure is postponed for non-clinical reasons, such as the lack of a ward bed or the list over-running", at 12,263.
Here are details on postponements for the two recent hurricanes.
Huddersfield and Huddersfield YMCA both had postponements.