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The present study uses the classification of non-adopters by Laukkanen, Sinkkonen, and Laukkanen (2008) which divides the non-adopters into three heterogeneous subsets named as Postponers, Opponents, and Rejecters based on their intention to adopt/reject rather than describing them as homogenous population.
These segments depicts varied intention of people to adopt or reject online tourism of Indian railway as Postponers are those who intend to use it within next 12 months, Opponents are those who intend to use but not decided when, and Rejectors includes those who do not intend to use the services at all.
18% of the Estonian postponers and 29% of the Finnish respondents who were not sure about their wish to have children in the coming years were omitted from the question about the reason of postponement.
Life stage reasons decreased with age and were marginal for example among older postponers in Estonia.