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In this postscript, William of Orange, Stadtholder of Holland, condemned Cornelius van Baerle to imprisonment for life.
Yes, yes," repeated the major, "yes -- there -- is -- a -- postscript.
The major awaited the conclusion of the postscript, apparently with great anxiety.
I rose and gave her the letter once more--with the postscript added, in her own words.
Playmore's postscript followed, dated three days later.
And he read that welcome postscript, which made him forget the abruptness of the letter.
The postscript, expressed in these terms, was shown to Miss Halcombe when she arrived at Limmeridge.
But on her showing him the postscript to Count Fosco's letter--on her reminding him that she was the "Miss Halcombe" there referred to--that she was a near relative of the deceased Lady Glyde--and that she was therefore naturally interested, for family reasons, in observing for herself the extent of Anne Catherick's delusion in relation to her late sister--the tone and manner of the owner of the Asylum altered, and he withdrew his objections.
He read her note once more, and the postscript about the sonnet settled the matter.
But it took all Diana's breezy, newsy, delightful epistle to banish the sting of Ruby's postscript.
There was no special message to Edna except a postscript saying that if Mrs.
They shall see," he wrote--in that immortal postscript to The Heart of the Cyclone--"the Laws whose existence they derided written in fire beneath them.