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A young postulant with unearthly healing powers, by all means named Agnes, played with manic conviction by fresh-faced Amy Rutberg.
Though the Brothers' vowed life is primarily one of penance, their atonement has a dimension of responsibility as well; as Brother Stephen describes it to his postulant, "Here is where, in a tiny way, we make up for the pain we've caused.
Like a newborn, the postulant is washed with water, dressed in new clothes, and assigned a new name (Zahan 64, 139).
7, 10 and 22) An adaptation of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical about a young postulant who falls in love with a widowed sea captain while serving as governess to his seven children in pre-World War II Austria.
Father Swickard loses a possible postulant to Mugo, a Gandhi-like mystic and enemy of the church.
Maria: The female lead is an innocent and naive, but vivacious young postulant in the convent in her 20s.
And at Liverpool it was definitely more devilish than angelic, as a hairy-legged nun called John and a pregnant postulant left with a clutch of favourite things.
12, Arguelles approved the apparitions of the Mediatrix to a Carmelite postulant named Teresita Castillo in September 1948 and the subsequent miracles attributed to it.
In fact, he even took her to see the bishop in her quest to become a postulant.
My first real introduction to the council came as a postulant.