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The linguistic postulate that is of concern in this paper is that of sex-based gender in English, which, like humanness in Jaqi, is partly covert and partly overt.
Since I discovered the linguistic postulates of the Jaqi languages of South America to be quite different from those of English, I have found it worthwhile to compare the major Jaqi and English postulates--ones that require realization in virtually every sentence of each.
As per Goodlad's (1994) Postulate 5, he argued that teacher education programs must have a
The naval hero softens, however, under the influence of the singing postulate, Maria, who is sent to act as the youngsters' governess while experiencing life outside the convent.
in his second postulate and in his second thesis, speak only of "any (or every) proposition signifying such-and-such", but he proceeds in later chapters to discuss particular examples, and there it is clear, for example, that he thinks 'Socrates utters a falsehood' signifies (among other things) that Socrates utters a falsehood, and that 'Some proposition is not described by its predicate' signifies that some proposition is not described by its predicate.
The second postulate stipulates that interventions aimed at the proposed causal event should prevent or reverse the cognitive and neurodegenerative pathology associated with AD prior to disease onset.
His historical references, including those related to accounting postulates issued in the early 1960s, were especially worthy of consideration.
Apart from Euclid's Postulate, there is no guarantee that parallel lines cannot meet.
Appealing to the commonsense of the lawyers and others present, he stated that traditional marriage "is not [just] a postulate of the Church .
The researchers postulate that variations in the TNF gene might intensify the body's inflammatory response to oxidative stress caused by cigarette smoke.
Hence we quite reasonably assume or postulate such a reality.
The authors postulate that there were gains in muscle learning and coordination in the detrained subjects that endured over the three-year hiatus, and call for further studies to determine both why this appears to occur more readily in the older population, and what the ideal frequency and level of maintenance training might be for those who continue to exercise in their sixth decade and beyond.