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electro-magnetism, strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear force) with their postulated universal effect of gravity.
None of the bats in question are migratory and no change in behavior on the part of the vampire bats need be postulated.
Real" or normal boys, as defined by boy culture, were postulated as ideal boys.
The two leading previous models have variously postulated five phases to critical thinking for learning.
International researchers have noted the many potential health benefits associated with the consumption of the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and postulated the use of these compounds as therapeutic products.
3) Gussen postulated that increased venous pressure and insufficiency of the vestibular organs could represent the common endpoint of many of the entities known to cause Meniere's disease, although the exact mechanism of increased vestibular venous pressure may differ in each circumstance.
Regarding technique and tradition as important as style, he argued that it was 'all too easy to accept the kind of inevitable stylistic development that was first postulated by Vasari and continued by the architectural historians of the twentieth century'.
Years ago, we postulated that all of the components of the fuel system should be put in the fuel tank when possible to meet tighter evaporative emission standards," says Dr.
The authors postulated that stable blood sugar profiles could improve ratings of perceived exertion and the perception of exhaustion, and therefore enhance performance.
We initially postulated that our integrated infection control program could be medically and economically successful in minimizing the incidence of hospital-acquired infections.
Semrud-Clikeman (cited in Javorsky, 1996) postulated that it is the interaction of ADD and learning deficiencies inherent to learning disability and not a single factor of one of the disorders (e.
At the risk of over-simplification, four groups of firms are postulated to be involved in the current health care situation: