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As per these Twenty Postulates, Goodlad (1994) defined educational renewal as a collaborative process in which "colleges and universities, the traditional producers of teachers, join schools, the recipients of the products, as equal partners in the simultaneous renewal of schooling and the education of educators" (p.
Miller claims that I attribute three postulates regarding signification to Bradwardine, but I don't think that is quite right.
de la Torre believes that any likely cause of AD would need to satisfy the criteria established by the three postulates when hypothetical proposals are submitted to explain the pathogenesis of AD.
Isn't one of Mautz and Sharaf's powerful postulates "the auditor acts exclusively as an auditor"?
Although the reason why quantum interference stops at two isn't clear, Born's postulate has been widely accepted by physicists.
Many subsequent mathematicians believed this Postulate was independent of the other 4 Postulates; one could prove it as a Theorem using only the other Postulates.
All working-class men and women of that time and place had reason to fear being hanged, postulates Linebaugh, supporting his theories about the use of public hanging as a weapon of the ruling class with extensive evidence and historical cases.
The sociologist Boudon has provided a useful introduction to the basic postulates of rational choice theory.
This model postulates that effective intervention requires not only intensive supervision and services after institutional release but also a focus on reintegration during incarceration and a highly structured and gradual transition between institutionalization and aftercare.
Franken postulates that liberal talk radio has had no "farm team" of local talents who can move on to become experienced radio veterans.
First, within the granulomatous brain lesions, the strongest evidence for the authors' conclusion, no acid-fast bacilli were isolated or identified on special stains; thus, the Koch postulates were not satisfied.
Smith postulates that it is not the deepest human nature that causes society's problems, but rather our failure to be our being that is to blame.