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Nine will go to post for the Oaks over a mile and a quarter, the same trip as the Belmont Derby, in which Pat Smullen will be on board Dermot Weld's Postulation.
It is just theory, and all will depend on the evidence, postulations and posturing that will feed a money-spinning story, for the media and the lawyers.
It is not clear what sort of evidence this section is based on and the translator's postulation of the author's access to Persian archives is perhaps rather sanguine.
Taking as its paradigm Georges Bataille's enigmatic postulation of the informe - a term that admits of no definition, defies definitions as such, even denies essentially that things have "definition" - the show subverts the presumed sine qua non of art, the making of form, with a shift to an art predicated on form's undoing.
com has covered the establishment of new national parks, the DDT ban, passage of the Endangered Species Act, the first scientific postulation of ozone depletion, and the energy crisis, among other landmark ecological events.
POSTULATION overhauled Parish Hall in the Listed TRI Equestrian Silver Stakes, but not before the odds-on favourite tried to take a bite out of the winner as they passed the line.
But I'll side with the Weldtrained Postulation, back on a sound surface after finishing third to Bertie Le Belge in Killarney last time.
He argues that the postulation of a Hawking-Penrose singularity suggested a beginning of the universe, but that this was mitigated by subsequent inflationary models that opened the possibility of out universe initially existing as one of a multiplicity of possible universes within a theoretical multiverse.
01 in running on Betfair when Postulation caught the market leader near the line.
In Killarney, the Dermot Weld-trained Postulation appeals in the four-runner Irish Stallion Farms Race.
He has argued throughout, and especially in chapter 3, that there is no evidential basis leading us from personal experience to the affirmation of a mind-independent reality, so that we can only postulate such a reality, and that such a postulation is a necessary condition for interpersonal communication and for science.
These drill hole results are considered to be highly significant, in that they support the postulation that the mineralized troctolite and associated rock types of the SW extension of DFR's "West Target Area" strike through NDT's Project #61, and therefore this mineralized zone is capable of hosting high Ni-Cu values up to eight kilometers from the "Ovoid Deposit".