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The pedigrees of the wheat cultivars were taken into consideration in the process of the gene postulation (Dubin et al.
The result is a valuable addition to humor research, particularly in Ermida's thorough efforts to describe and collate the ways that seemingly idiosyncratic postulations in the serious study of humor actually complement each other.
Le conseiller Hatem Bajato, Secretaire general de la HCEP, a indique que l'avocat de Mohamed Morsi est arrive, dimanche matin, pour se renseigner sur les documents necessaires a la postulation de son client.
Here "magic" does not mean the marvellous or supernatural per se, but rather a comprehensive textual system of significant details, as in the "circumstantial invention" category of postulation.
Although they are abstract in their language, Writer's canvases create a distinct community of brush-strokes, palette and a somewhat oneiric postulation.
Moreover, his postulation represented the findings based on research techniques and instruments available in 1980s and 1990s, Hasnain said.
In order to test the postulation by geneticists and clinicians that certain hereditary blood diseases might protect unaffected carriers against malaria, Livingstone (late, biological anthropology, U.
So where does a flawed "scientific" postulation like this come from?
Theater historians make this sort of postulation all the time.
In the light of these pertinent questions, it is hoped that scholars of the Malay World will revisit and refine Kahn's 'Other Malays' postulation.
In an otherwise generous set of remarks, he observes that my postulation of a 'shift from training to learning' has always seemed a little odd to him.
Similar postulation is presented by Augustyniak et al (35) who suggested the inclusion of NO-excitatory mechanisms in order to attempt new therapeutic strategies for patients with hypertension.