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By means of gene postulation and pedigree analysis, the resistant genes to stripe rust in eighty-two wheat cultivars from the Gansu province in China were identified in 30 wheat genotypes with the known Yr gene and 26 Pst pathotypes at the seedling stage under controlled greenhouse conditions in the Institute of Plant Protection, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (IPP CAAS), based on the gene-for-gene concept.
Fourth, they reveal that the discourses regarding the fragmentary effects of multiculturalism are based largely on postulations and assumptions, rather than on facts substantiated by data.
Readers who enjoy novels filled with philosophical theories and postulations on alternate realities will revel in the complexity.
The result was predictable, with lots of spectacle, major puppetry, aerial feats and mythic postulations, the latter built on John Gardner's 1971 novel of the same name.
From math geeks to mail-order brides to the canonical tourist with thick glasses and camera necklace, Rigg isn't afraid to ape them all and poke fun at herd-animal postulations in the process.
The essays in this collection integrate detailed analysis of both theory and practice and draw together manifold social, economic and political theories to invite the readers to reflect on how concealed postulations entrenched in world's societies effect and solidify specific power structures that shape gender cross-culturally.
In making such postulations, Sornette predicts that the end of the world's economic-growth era will occur around 2050.
The Da Vinci Code, a novel by Protestant writer Dan Brown (Doubleday), has dazed and disillusioned many Christians with its numerous and troubling postulations.
Written in 1950, Asimov's anthology has become required reading for all things robotic, especially with his postulations on the "Three Laws of Robotics.
The present incumbent does not impress and many of his postulations are a downright embarrassment to the club and its supporters.
There are fine pages on metaphor and symbol; others on a felt relationship between melancholia and poetry, though "the modern poet deplores his or her own mourning," given the claims and postulations at the heart of the poetic, which continue to be deeply felt.