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The identificative copulative particle that occurs as "ngi" with the pronouns of all persons and noun classes as complement in Southern Ndebele, also serves as language external evidence for the postulation of the identificative copulative particle of Zulu as "ngi".
There are fine pages on metaphor and symbol; others on a felt relationship between melancholia and poetry, though "the modern poet deplores his or her own mourning," given the claims and postulations at the heart of the poetic, which continue to be deeply felt.
Should Brazil avoid what would be the biggest shock of the lot in this World Cup and clip Turkey's wings for a second time in a fortnight, then the paranoid postulations of Italy's Gazetta Dello Sport will prove truly prophetic.
However, in countering postulations of present homogeneity, he looks for different sources (subsistence, politics etc.
There is little doubt that people within the field of rehabilitation have not forgotten the days of forced institutionalization and therefore, the postulations of Gallagher may not be historically exclusive.
I'll be billboarding your specific criticisms, comments and postulations on the media in general and those in St.
Further, the exclusion of women is founded on ancient philosophic postulations in which women are associated with materiality while men are understood to transcend materiality.
As is well known, Jacques Derrida repudiates any "transcendental signified" or "center," and this repudiation co-determines his postulations concerning "differance.
Nor would such a reading take seriously the continuum between the "pathological" and the "normal" that is one of Freud's dearest postulations.
Every hitting coach should familiarize himself with the postulations of the masters: Lau, Hriniak, and Williams.
The postulations of People's Programme have yet to be emphasized in a most clear cut way, fact of which have been doubted in various circles of society.