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Clinical value of 24-hour urinary sodium determination in children with postural tachycardia syndrome.
Lobo da Costa and associates (1) compared the balance of non-professional dancers when barefoot and in single-leg poses en demi-pointe--attitude devant, attitude derriere, and attitude a la seconde--and observed less postural sway in barefoot, with the most body sway in the attitude derriere position.
This condition challenges the postural control system by altering the proprioceptive input to the sole of the feet which is one of the major sources of information on which the central nervous system decides how to regulate balance control.
Tragus-wall distance (TWD), modified Schober's test (MST), and chest expansion were measured for postural assessment.
Results: The post-education evaluations showed that postural distortions were fixed, and a significant increase in the postural awareness of the students was observed compared with the pre-education period.
Its lightweight custom back support incorporates body alignment, pressure distribution, and directional forces for comfortable postural control.
conducted a similar study and found that postural restrictions do not have any added beneficial effect in management of Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo15.
Postura humana e um topico importante diante de diferentes variaveis que compoem a saude da sociedade moderna, pode-se assim considerar, este aspecto mais especifico, como saude postural.
In summary, evidence establishes that alterations of the cranio-cervical postural pattern can represent a risk factor for developing odonto-stomatological system disorders, which in turn provoke alterations of any of the five basic motor processes of speech, such as respiration, phonation, resonance, prosody, and articulation [13].
The causes contributing to correct postural changes may be multiple.
Dynamic postural control can be assessed using the Dynamic Postural Stability Index (DPSI) (Wikstrom et al.