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Others (*) 12,312 207,407 (*) Bed and nursing, consumables, oral care, postural drainage and insertion of urinary and nasogastric catheters
Postural drainage and gastro-oesophageal reflux in infants with cystic fibrosis.
McIlwaine PM, Wong LT, Peacock D, et al (1997) Long-term comparative trial of conventional postural drainage and percussion versus positive expiratory pressure physiotherapy in the treatment of cystic fibrosis.
In the percussion with postural drainage (P&PD) arm of the study, 11 children had no change in atelectasis, and 4 became worse.
Typically with bronchiectasis, there is larger quantity of sputum which is often difficult to bring up and the patient may well benefit from learning what is known as postural drainage to allow the secretions to drain out.
Variations of this general method became known by terms including bronchial drainage (BD), percussion and postural drainage (P&PD), and chest physical therapy/chest physiotherapy (CPT).
* For less vigorous clearing of the gunk, postural drainage may help.
And get your physiotherapist to show you how to use postural drainage.
This section reviews the current research findings in acute SCI related to positioning and mobility including kinetic therapy, postural drainage and percussion, suctioning techniques, assisted cough and exercise training.
continuous peripheral intravenous therapy (with and without medication), chest percussion and postural drainage, post operative care, tube feeding, apnea monitoring, tracheostomy care and suctioning, dialysis care, decubitus care, ileostomy and fistula care, total parenteral nutrition (TPN), total enteral nutrition (TEN), anti-biotic therapy, pain management, and hydration therapy.
It is assumed that the more specific diagnosis of pneumonia will allow the practitioner to provide more specific modalities of therapy (eg., postural drainage) and therefore be good for the patient as wen as the business office.