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POSTMAN, Eng. law. A barrister in the court of exchequer, who has precedence in: motions.

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Mandie Dunkley had pleaded guilty at the crown court in Leamington earlier this year to being in charge of a dog which caused injury to a postwoman while dangerously out of control.
Janet, who also works as a postwoman, has been interested in alpacas since first seeing them in a zoo and then at Stanhope Show in Weardale.
A TEENAGE postwoman who ditched her round for a sex romp has been sacked by Royal Mail.
In her 30 years in the area, during which time she was employed as a cook for trainers Ken Payne and Barry Hills, and then, up to her retirement six years ago, as village postwoman, she has nannied many a homesick groom and organised sporting events to keep the workforce entertained.
A postwoman who has contracted skin anthrax delivered and collected letters at 570 homes on her round in Ewing.
A POSTWOMAN has spoken of her excruciating pain after being attacked by dogs on her Stockton delivery round.
The court heard how the fire was only discovered when a postwoman called at the couple's home in Johns Avenue on February 11 this year.
Despite the fact that Mullingar has a population of more than 20,000, postwoman Avril Orme still managed to deliver it to the right person last week.
A MASTIFF dog which cornered a postwoman, leading to a village's mail deliveries being cut off, has been seized by police.
SEAGULLS have launched terrifying attacks on a postwoman, mail bosses claim.
A HERO postwoman summoned up strength she didn't know she had to save a grandmother trapped under her car.
ROYAL Mail has banned deliveries to an entire street after a Jack Russell tried to bite a postwoman.