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I want landlords to connect and migrate to the public potable water supply immediately to reduce illnesses that had been occurring by using contaminated borehole water.
The chief justice asked the Punjab chief secretary to explain where hefty amount earmarked for provision of potable water to people was being spent.
Cette reunion, tenue avec les responsables locaux concernes par ce secteur, entend s'arreter sur la situation hydraulique dans la province de Chefchaouen, ecouter les preoccupations de ses habitants et trouver des solutions radicales de maniere a generaliser l'acces au reseau d'eau potable.
Mayor Sandra said that a feasibility study of the project was started in 2011 because Agoo residents badly needed potable water.
In California, for example, the White Paper finds that purified wastewater can provide enough potable water to supply all municipal needs (including commercial and industrial uses) for more than eight million people, or roughly one-fifth of the state's projected population for 2020.
Pour la region du Sahel, toutes les delegations de Sousse, Monastir et la Mahdia connaitront une interruption au niveau de la distribution de l'eau potable durant la journee du mardi 24 juin, du 9 heures du matin jusqu'a 17 heures de la meme journee.
Under the program "Sagana at Ligtas na Tubig" (SalinTubig) 2014, potable water is provided to poor communities with limited or no access to safe drinking water as part of the government's effort to achieve its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
Lower marginal costs than non-potable reuse and a growing demand for potable water supplies in urban areas will increase the number of IPR projects in operation.
Best practice--Have all potable water equipment painted blue.
Dans sa premiere reunion, l'organe de gestion de l'eau potable et de l'electricite a examine la mise au point d'une etude urgente pour l'idee de publier une facture unifiee de la valeur de consommation de l'eau potable, du gaz naturel et de l'electricite domestique, a reporte la presse locale.
ANKARA, Jul 29, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkey's forestry and water works minister said on Friday that Turkey had provided 350,000 Africans with potable water.
A typical scenario is a recently opened 600 room hotel resort with large swimming pools, spas and multiple restaurants with no supply of potable water.