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Potations, pottle deep, again went round; never did beverage excite greater glee, or meet with more rapturous commendation.
When the forester had got his potation also, he quietly took his seat on the end of one of the logs that lay nigh the fires, and the slight interruption produced by his entrance seemed to he forgotten.
The governor, as usual, had him at his "prosnics," and plied him with fiery potations.
He also eschews hot potations, and addicts himself to a tankard of ale, which is brought him by the barmaid.
So far from doing him any harm, these nightly potations brightened Nutty up, gave him heart, and enabled him to endure life in this hole of a place.
Shehzad Town police recovered one 30 bore illicit pistol along with 4 bullets on the potation of arrested accused Wajid Mehmood.
Importance and power of individual relations is obvious and maybe the most important reasons of marketing managerial have to proper percept advertising by word of mouth and it has amazing economical potation.
potation and Modern American Poetry: Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads.
The two cost-reimbursable Engineering and Project Management Services contracts for the feasibility study have been awarded to Japan%s JGC Cot potation (out-of-Kingdom work) and JGC Gulf International (in-Kingdom work).
For the record, I'd like my crow baked, with a side of steak-cut fries, and a strong potation to wash the whole thing down.