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If you grew up in the '90s then the only potato chips you ate that time were the classic ones from Jack 'n Jill and Vcut.
Recently, two reputable food establishments joined the small scale potato chips production industry, hoping to add innovation and dynamism to the sector.
Some potato chip companies are redesigning their production methods at pilot sites to achieve a "netzero" snack chip: http://www.
The expansion of new flavors has also seen Pinnacle Foods Group add a cracked black pepper and sea salt flavor to its line of Hawaiian Kettle Style potato chips.
Krysiak, president of Wachusett Potato Chip, at the factory last week.
Packaging shows an astronaut on top of a potato chip with the saying, "One Chip for Mankind.
What are some characteristics that potato chips share?
The Hain Celestial Group has announced that Garden of Eatin', the number one brand of natural tortilla chips, is re-launching new Garden of Eatin' Potato Chips, made with organic whole potatoes.
The days when potato chips were merely potato chips is becoming a distant memory.
For example, Wise Foods added a pair of flavors (buffalo wing and barbecue wing) to its potato chip line last summer.
But Procter & Gamble needs the Food and Drug Administration's approval before it can market a line of olestra-containing snacks such as potato chips, tortilla chips, and crackers.
From New York to Maryland, thousands of people as week are snatching up bags of Rap Snacks potato chips and popcorn.