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Hence, the remarkable Sculpture pre-deboitlon-nahle (Pre-Dismantable Sculpture), 2011--a figure of Mao Tse-tung, split-table like a tablet--which opened the exhibition, expands on the reflections on totalitarianism in his early Potence preventive pour dictateur potentiel (Preventive Gallows for Potential Dictator), 1993, or more recently, Karaoke pour dictateur potentiel (Karaoke for Potential Dictator), 2002.
According to the panel of judges, which singled out Potence Mix and Baby Mix among all entries in the Savory Frozen Products category, they "are two new solutions to encourage vegetable-shy men and children to change their eating habits.
And whatever criticism his work invites--for its structural flaws, its authorial self-involvement, its obsession with male potence and cruelty--his prose stands as a towering, shadow-casting salient in the monotonous topography of the republic of English letters.