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A double-blind, randomized, homeopathic pathogenetic trial with healthy persons: comparing two high potencies. Forsch Komplementarmed Klass Naturheilkd.
This University of Verona study adds to previous work done on anxiety in mice and in this case used various potencies of homeopathically prepared Ignatia amara in potentially stressful experimental scenarios.
Garth Boericke and Rudolph Smith began investigation of higher potencies to explore their structure using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy in 1963.
These experimental methods have also supported objective physicochemical changes in high potencies, (3) but results obtained in this manner still remain obscure.
(The $4-billion figure implies an unspoken connection between industry revenue and public danger.) Charges that the FDA is out to restrict consumer access or limit potencies, he insists, are "absolutely false." But if someone wants to sell such products, he adds, the FDA has to make sure that there is "no problem with safety," that "the potencies are reasonable," and that any health claims are supported by "significant scientific agreement."
Several hundred mice were assigned to receive various potencies of Gelsemium, material doses of diazepam, or placebo, and then challenged with various "open field" scenarios testing their ability to cope with new environments and their desire to explore them.
The experiment was done by exposing 2 high laccase fungal strains to 1C to 10C potencies of HBT and ABTS over 14 days, the laccase produced assessed for activity via PAGE and colorimetric tests and the level of demethylation activity assessed after incubation with veratric acid.
She has worked in the local natural products store for some years and is still bewildered about which homeopathic potencies to recommend.
This illustrates the high sensitivity of the reporter gene assays for detecting AhR agonists and suggests that relative compound potencies in this assay may be different for other AhR-mediated responses (Figure 5).
Exceptions are the estimated potencies reported by laboratories 7, 9, and 13.
At the same time, selected groups of these mice were given either homoeopathic Chelidonium in 30C or 200C potencies or a placebo control.
We converted the potencies of Crump (22) to per-cumulative-gram units to provide compatibility with the units of exposure to cigarette smoke--a nonoccupational but chronic exposure.