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ACF develops quantitative cell-based in vitro potency assays to support FDA-mandated product release requirements.
Although this increase in potency has been overstated in the media because studies did not control for the effects of changes in sampling methods on freshness, it is estimated that Cannabis potency increased 7-fold from 1970 to 2010.
However, estimating potency is not necessary if an existing in vivo study does not allow potency estimation and the study has been performed according to internationally-adopted test methods and good laboratory practice.
For Gully, Incalcaterra, Joshi and Beaubien (2002), team potency enhances performance, however, mixed results from other researchers, including Lester, Meglino and Korsgaard (2002), Ahearne, Mathieu and Rapp (2005), Jong, Ruyter and Wetzels (2005) and Ahearne, Mackenzie, Podsakoff, Mathieu and Lam (2010) indicate that the relationship isn't necessarily direct and that there is a need for further investigation.
Remedies are not the same as herbs, even if you take the remedy echinacea or goldenseal in potency (as a homeopathic remedy) it is not the same.
Digest +PROBIOTICS provides a high potency blend of digestive enzymes and probiotics to promote regularity and optimal digestion of larger meals.
Doctors at the state- run Victoria Hospital in Bangalore, who are yet to submit the medical report to the police, said that the potency test conducted on Nithyananda is incomplete as he had reportedly ducked a part of the potency test.
Strong, clinically meaningful evidence that shows statins reduce all cause mortality in secondary prevention means that balancing treatment risks with benefits reduces to a question of the potency (and perhaps other properties) of which statin to prescribe rather than a choice between treatment or no treatment.
The complete separation of all critical compounds allows more accurate quantification and prevents overestimation of cannabis potency.
For purposes of the present analysis, high potency statin treatment was considered doses of rosuvastatin (Crestor) equal to or greater than 10 mg; 20 mg or higher of atorvastatin (Lipitor); and 40 mg and above of simvastatin (Zocor).
Potency Testing of Veterinary Vaccinces for Animals; The Way from Vivo to in Vitro (2010: Langen, Germany) Ed.
If there is one bright spot in new drug development it is probably in the exceptionally fast growth of the market for high potency drugs.