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Pentarins are engineered to bind to their tumor cell targets and provide sustained release of their potent therapeutic payloads deep into solid tumor tissue.
The PCS addition provides for small molecule cGMP manufacturing of potent compounds up to about one kilogram per batch.
Eugenol, which is spicy, clove-like and sweet, and coumarin, which is sweet and herbaceous, were the most potent odorants found in all of the colas tested.
Maternal exposure to potent or very potent topical steroids was associated with an adjusted 2.
By contrast, I(11777 appears most potent against early-stage infections and might therefore complement praziquantel.
Additional to this Phase III trial, multiple microbiology studies, both in vitro and in vivo, were presented which highlighted the potent in vitro activity of ceftobiprole against clinically relevant Gram-positive pathogens (E-0113, E-0114, C2-1143) including staphylococci recovered from bone and joint infections (E-0119) as well as from patients with endocarditis (E-0118) supporting the potential use of ceftobiprole in those high medical need areas.
When comparing equivalent numbers of each organism, the team found the three bacteria to be the more potent inflammation stimulators, and ranked them in the order P.
Exposed by a recent forest fire, the primeval topography of these Catalan Vineyard terraces has a potent grandeur shaped by both the forces of nature and the hand of human intervention.
The potent bioflavinoid stabilizes mast cells so they don't release as many irritants.
But unions have secured the dues of civil servants through a Faustian bargain whereby they forgo their most potent weapon, the right to strike.
promises to be one of the most potent antiretroviral agents available for treatment of HIV infection.