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The Le Mans production facility integrates chemical and purification capabilities for manufacturing potent and extremely potent ADC payloads at commercial scale with an OEL (occupational exposure limit) lower than 30 ng/m3 at multi-kg scale per batch.
"Opioid-based narcotics (such as morphine) are the most widely prescribed therapeutic agents for the alleviation of persistent pain; however, it is becoming increasingly clear that morphine is significantly less potent in women compared with men.
"This agreement provides us with exclusive access to a unique set of potent cell-killing drugs that target the minor groove of DNA," commented Clay B.
Religion is a potent force, but religious intolerance is equally potent and must be forcefully resisted at every turn.
In vitro poziotinib was approximately 100x more potent than osimertinib and 40x more potent than afatinib against a common panel of EGFR exon 20 insertions.
Topical treatment, as eye drops, with OK-113 showed potent anti-inflammatory effects to reduce corneal permeability and other symptoms of dry eye in a mouse model of DED.
A criminal case has been opened against a Tajik citizen who was trying to smuggle biologically active additives for weight loss into the territory of Russia through the Kurgan customs post in Petukhovo for part 1 of article 226.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Smuggling of potent substances), the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Trans-Urals reports.
The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) has warned the public to stop using four skin creams, used for diaper rash and eczema, after they were found to contain 'undeclared potent ingredients'.
Tommasi also discussed ETX0282CPDP's potential as a best-in-class oral agent with potent microbiological activity against multi-drug resistant Enterobacteriaceae, and the Company's novel non-beta-lactam PBP inhibitor program designed to address serious Gram-negative infections.
Plaque psoriasis affects approximately 7.5 million Americans with potent topical corticosteroids prescribed to approximately 80% of psoriasis patients diagnosed.
Cambrex has completed the construction of a $24 million highly potent API (HPAPI) manufacturing facility at its site in Charles City, IA The 6,000 sq.-ft.
LEXETTE, the conditionally-acceptable trade name for halobetasol foam is a new formulation of halobetasol, a potent topical corticosteroid indicated for the treatment of plaque psoriasis in adult patients.