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POTENTATE. One who has a great power over, an extended country; a sovereign.
     2. By the naturalization laws, an alien is required, before he can be naturalized, to renounce all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereign whatever.

References in classic literature ?
Such a good little wife," repeated the patronising potentate, again patting my hand with an air of understanding all about it, "really an excellent little wife.
Therefore, O my brethren, a NEW NOBILITY is needed, which shall be the adversary of all populace and potentate rule, and shall inscribe anew the word "noble" on new tables.
They will now be able to devour triple-size burgers with extra chips, all at the expense of our EU potentates.
When Assad falls, I hope Saudi's vile potentates follow.
Summary: Algeria is aware that a border closure with the neighboring Morocco is no longer a wise choice in the light of the earthshaking metamorphose that swept the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region and led to the fall of ozymandias like potentates in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen, respectively.
Expressing deep disappointment at the present state of affairs during Sunday sermon in Bkirki today, the Patriarch stated that it would be rather impossible for the present momentum of subservience to potentates to continue unabated.
That remains to be seen, of course, but with the nation continuing to rely on oil for the foreseeable future - and overseas sources often inconveniently mixed up with potentates and power politics - Americans should draw some comfort from the knowledge that more of the answer to our energy needs lies right beneath our feet.
While some clubs may have to face up to the harsh reality of an ailing economy, there are others, backed by oligarchs and potentates - Chelsea and Manchester City come to mind - whose overflowing treasure chests fund vastly overpriced transfers, distorting the market for everybody else struggling to catch up.
Not bowing to foreign potentates was what 1776 was all about.
This is largely because our new supremo Mandelson, Lord of the Lies, is generally out greasing the palms and goodness knows whatever else of foreign potentates as he prepares for a life beyond Labour, in about six months or so.
In the present financial market, oligarchs and middle eastern potentates whose personal wealth is greater than that of small nations, could buy up large tracts of the British isles, along with titles, and become feudal lords.
After these columns disappeared from HBR, there was a hiatus in board-related writing at HBS until the publication of Pawns or Potentates in 1989 and then the spate of faculty-authored articles and Back to the Drawing Board in 2004.