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Open circuit potential (OCP) is measured with no external current applied to a metal surface.
Previous attempts to characterize geographic distributions of species in the disease realm have demonstrated the potential of the approach but have not always used the most powerful inferential techniques available (14,15).
The business opportunity assessment is a more in-depth review of the opportunity including market research and due diligence that includes intellectual property analysis, opportunity development timing, legal liability issues, applications of the opportunity, barriers to entry, industry trends, growth potential, market positioning, competitive analysis, financial projections and pricing, resource requirement analysis and licensing potential to name a few.
Compiling the information gathered into a statement of potential risk requires a balanced presentation of benefits and problems involved with a given product.
The output gap could be larger after a long period of positive growth below potential than after a short recession.
If one is interested in the zeta potential of very small particles, such as fiber fines or filler particles, it is recommended to use microelectrophoresis (ME).
However, these plants must be grown in a favorable, stress-free environment for this genetic potential to fully express itself in terms of marketable yield.
The Lagrange equation that serves as the foundational model for the trajectory of a particle exposed to a potential field is first introduced.
However, potential new magnesium components could require geometries and properties that cannot be produced by high-pressure diecasting.
Potential and existing partners will strengthen their relationships most effectively by examining their personal values, their personal styles, and the issue of fairness.
Such destructive potential arises out of a fundamental desire for self-preservation--to protect ourselves from material deprivation or the harm others might cause us, whether physical or emotional.