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They are real in as much as they are real possibilities, which, as far as I can see, is the same as to say that they are potentialities in the way described by Aristotle:
(15) Here we have a duo of potentialities culminating in a single fulfillment.
Highlighting the inherent potentialities of Assam, a state brimming with youth power, Sonowal said that economic foundation of the state would be bolstered by skilled manpower.
She laid emphasis on the importance of sharing experience between Tunisia and Italy in the tourism field to make the most of the potentialities offered by this sector.
Head of Iranian Mines & Mining Industries Development & Renovation (IMIDRO) Mehdi Karbasian told the Iran-Italy Commercial Conference in Tehran that Iran enjoys vast potentialities in different economic sectors for foreign partners.
Studying emerges as a kind of im-potential state of educational being that interrupts any notion of educational "growth" or educational "realization" of latent potentialities. Indeed, Agamben points out that studying and stupefying are closely connected.
In that potentiality, freedom makes us able to be individualized, albeit always interconnected, beings, as we enact those potentialities in time and space.
The awareness of the need to put to maximum use our potentialities has to be awakened either in normal circumstances or when one goes through a severe crisis.
Studying in this sense is not reducible to simply (a) "giving" information to students to fill in a lack or (b) a social orthopedics that corrects their potentialities in accordance with the imperative of economic productivity.
Gallanti said, on this occasion, that the future of Italian ports depends, among other things, on the development of the Maghreb countries' potentialities notably in areas related to trafficking.
He told MAP news agency that Morocco, with its large-scale economic potentialities, is a market which "we trust and encourage collaborating with it."
Realizing the full development of these three basic potentialities can serve as goals and standards for well-being.