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In such a scenario of technological sovereignty and technologized milieus, the state is seen as unable to potentialize life in the way that technology can.
7) Thus Wollstonecraft is all too real, all too human; but Godwin looks to the reader to potentialize the revolutionary idealism in such apparently base occurrences as her love for Fuseli and Imlay.
In addition, it allowed the retailer the control to further potentialize on previous sales successes, exploit gaps in the market, as well as quickly respond to the vagaries of the latest fashion trends.
This is how we will achieve the scale of production we need to potentialize the benefits of ethanol and biodiesel.
In light of the scenario presented here, we attempted to develop a project centered on Wenger's (22) propositions and which could complement postgraduate education, considering four dimensions (participation versus reification; designed versus emergent; local versus global; identification versus negotiation) that potentialize learning, for each mode of belonging (engagement, imagination and alignment).
This scenary indicates that, in thesis, great part of the actions and decisions in favor of FP hardly potentialize the materialization of more significant competencies.
17) (1993) reported that nifedipine induced gingival overgrowth in rats with or without gingival inflammation and/or dental biofilm, these factors being able to potentialize the effect of the drug.
This consideration aims for an effective relationship between liberation and critical pedagogies, and the emancipatory attributes of the ludic--seeking an interface between concepts that guide the ludic dynamic and the educational activity which, without necessarily subordinating one to the other, could potentialize the subjects' creation by the exercise of liberty.