potentially liable

See: at risk
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The CLASS ACTION "NOTICE" being established by the Minority Youth Matters Movement specifies the International Speedway Corporation, NASCAR, INDYCAR, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and several of their corporate partners, sponsors, affiliates and teams as potentially liable entities.
A Interest or dividends would then be liable to income tax and investment growth potentially liable to capital gains tax.
BP appealed a federal judge's finding of the size of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, which leaves the company potentially liable to pay $13.
But despite arguing that building in a location potentially liable to flooding was against Welsh Government policy the action group failed in their bid to get planning permission refused.
A supplier can be considered a manufacturer, and therefore potentially liable under the Biomaterials Act, if it registered, or was required to register, as a manufacturer, and if it listed, or should have listed, the implant on a list of devices filed as required.
By making British taxpayers potentially liable, the case may put pressure on Western governments to ease their sanctions against Iranian firms in general, said Zaiwalla, who is based in Britain and represented Bank Mellat in its successful appeal to the Supreme Court.
AONE of your options would be to take out a whole-of-life insurance plan for the amount of inheritance tax that you are potentially liable for.
If the return is not made on time, the employer is potentially liable to penalties.
Even if an individual who is a responsible person delegates the responsibility to pay the IRS to another person, the individual generally remains a responsible person and potentially liable for the TFRP.
President elect, Chief Superintendent Curtis, said: "If the shoe were on the other foot the matter would have been fully investigated and the officer potentially liable to misconduct proceedings.
According to CFO Andy Halford, Vodafone is consulting on the need to make the provision after the Indian government revised its tax law which could make firms potentially liable for the payment.
AYOU are potentially liable to income tax at 20 per cent if the amount of growth on the bond, when added to your income, makes you a higher-rate taxpayer.
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