potentially liable

See: at risk
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5 million, owning their own home, already potentially liable for up to PS260,000 in inheritance tax (IHT), could have faced an extra two x PS8,000 in probate fees.
Rogers had a duty to control her dog and, for that reason, she was potentially liable for damages caused by her dog, the district court said.
The International Criminal Court (ICC), however, has warned that it is watching developments in the Philippines and that Philippine officials 'ordering, requesting, encouraging or contributing in any manner to the commission of crimes within the jurisdiction' of the court are potentially liable to prosecution.
Apparently, she was considered fair game because of a 2014 settlement that Title IX officials had made with Harvard University in which off-campus conduct was declared potentially liable.
The designer of the product will always be potentially liable, but under these circumstances the physician or employee may also be at fault not only under a medical malpractice standard, but potentially under a products liability theory.
As for who is potentially liable when it comes to amateur sports, it's traditionally been the leagues and associations such as Pop Warner football, Secara said.
As ISAs were created as a simple investment vehicle, the variety now on offer makes the need for financial advice arguably more important, particularly as the Lifetime ISA is potentially liable to 40% tax given that it will sit within someones estate and could be liable to inheritance tax, and even subject to a 5% exit charge.
Because the sunken flag was defective, and it abutted both properties, both owners are potentially liable.
In Flintshire, council tax records indicate 888 properties have been empty on a long-term basis or are second homes which could be potentially liable for the premium.
For a person injured by a drone-related accident, the universe or potentially liable parties might seem confined to the operator or the manufacturer of the drone.
BP appealed a federal judge's finding of the size of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, which leaves the company potentially liable to pay $13.
A supplier can be considered a manufacturer, and therefore potentially liable under the Biomaterials Act, if it registered, or was required to register, as a manufacturer, and if it listed, or should have listed, the implant on a list of devices filed as required.
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