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The meanings of on- and off-potentials, polarization (decay or growth) and ohmic voltage drop (IR), native and rest potentials are labeled and shown clearly.
Our creative potential is to nurture, enhance, and enrich life.
3][summation over (+/u)] molecular potentials, the mechanical rotational kinetic energy, and the - [h.
Additionally, there may be differences of potential between various safety grounds that are connected to various devices along the IEEE 1394 bus.
To identify key stakeholders, a physician executive should critically assess each stakeholder's potential to threaten the organization and its potential to cooperate.
The Bohm quantum potential comes from the basic equation of quantum mechanics, the Schrodinger equation.
Understand which cardiovascular indications have the greatest potential for growth through the 6-year forecasts in anti-hypertensive, anti-dyslipidemic, anti-thrombosis and cardiac therapy drug classes.
These lifetimes, in turn, can be incorporated into atmospheric models to estimate the ozone depletion potentials of these compounds if it is decided to consider them further as halon replacements.
Toreador management estimates that 60% of the potential reserves in the project area will be found along the deeper-water Akcakoca trend.
Detailed data and analysis will help potential investors understand the evolving market of fuel cell vehicles in detail.

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