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Caption: Figure 1: Xylose potentiates antibiotic activity of efflux-dependent resistant bacteria in a murine model of skin infection.
2003) suggested that a number of different dithiocarbamates potentiate the toxicity of both MPTP and paraquat in mouse models of parkinsonism.
In previous experiments, we demonstrated that 5HT stimulates the Mercenaria gill to synthesize NO, and that the gas, in turn, potentiates 5HT-induced contractions of the branchial muscles (Gainey and Greenberg, 2003).
Although the soleus initially potentiates Po following RC, it begins to decrease its recovery tension by 30 min.
The use of anabolic steroids, even in low doses, potentiates certain psychological behavior patterns.
Over a longer period, pressure necrosis potentiates the problem.
These data demonstrate that ELX-02 potentiates translation of functional CFTR and support continuing development of ELX-02 in patients with cystic fibrosis caused by nonsense mutations to determine its clinical benefit.
'Our study shows that the addition of vitamin C to TB drug treatment potentiates the killing of Mtb and could shorten TB chemotherapy,' said principal investigator William R.
This study will allows us the identification of changes in the distribution of RyR2 or proteins that modulate its activity as a novel mechanism that potentiates the arrhythmogenic effect of spontaneous Ca2+ release and to elucidate the role of A1-A2A receptor heterodimers to abnormal Ca2+ handling in patients with AF.
"Further research is required to determine whether [passive smoking] potentiates the effect of noise exposure and ageing on hearing," they conclude.