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The maximal response of ranitidine was taken as 100 percent and then a submaximal dose of ranitidine was selected to be used as a fixed dose for pre-treating group 3 to observe the potentiating effect of ranitidine on metoclopramide.
Rest intervals may also influence performance following a potentiating stimulus.
These pressures have been shown to exert a significant potentiating effect on reflux.
In our present study, concave curves were obtained, which represent a potentiating effect.
When injected, It acts directly on circulating fsh and lh hormones by binding to them and potentiating their activity.
Based on an activity enhancement of other physiological compounds, PEA may indirectly stimulate the cannabinoid receptors by potentiating their affinity for a receptor or by inhibiting their metabolic degradation, and by doing so, may increase the uptake of cannabinoid compounds, such as THC.
Another source of inconsistency is the timing of the PAP measurement relative to the potentiating exercise.
Pharmacy and Therapeutic Advisory Consultancy Pty LTD (Melbourne, Australia) has patented a method of potentiating the activity of antibacterial agents that act on bacterial cell walls, comprising the step of administering to a subject an antibacterial agent and an aminoglycoside to attain a peak concentration of at least 4 mg/l of aminoglycoside and thereafter maintaining the aminoglycoside at a concentration of up to 4 mg/l for at least 1 hour.
A new determination by the FDA now allows patients to "individually import" the potentiating enzyme and antigens required for EPD treatment.
The new thiol exposed by reaction of LAM with proteases or methylamine is necessary for the potentiation of hemolysis because its acylation by treatment with iodoacetamide (0.1 M iodoacetamide in 0.1 M Tris buffer, pH 8.0, 4 h, room temp.) eliminates the potentiating activity of methylamine-activated LAM (Fig.1).