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Low-frequency stimulation of dorsal norephinephrine bundle reverses behavioral long-term potentiation and learning performance in rats.
Long-lasting potentiation and other forms of synaptic plasticity (including long-term depression, the counterpart of long-lasting potentiation) can be impaired by certain patterns of developmental ethanol exposure, and this also could be a consequence of persistent alterations in NMDA receptor levels and/or function, including deficits in activation of NMDA receptor--dependent intracellular signaling pathways (Izumi et al.
This experiment was designed to determine whether LA and 6-FP pretreatments would protect the cochlea against the potentiation of NIHL by CO.
Training-induced and electrically induced potentiation in the neocortex.
We found that the detrimental effect of the LPS on salivary mucin synthesis was subject to further potentiation by indomethacin as well as PAF, while preincubation with leptin or PAF receptor antagonist, BN52020, led to inhibition of the LPS effect (Figure 5).
Potentiation of vesicular stomatitis New Jersey virus infection in mice by mosquito saliva.
The researchers expected to see an initial suppression of the H-reflex followed by some degree of recovery or potentiation of the H-reflex.
In the introduction to his 1992 work Signatures of the Visible, Fredric Jameson makes the rather provocative statement that the visual is, at its core, pornographic: 'pornographic films are thus only the potentiation of films in general, which ask us to stare at the world as though it were a naked body'.
Hollis-Eden recently announced the initiation of a Phase I/II clinical trial with HE2200 for vaccine potentiation in elderly patients receiving a hepatitis B vaccine.
Chromium Potentiation of Antidepressant Pharmacotherapy for Dysthemic Disorder in Five Patients," Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 60(4), 1999.