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The intent of the present study was to examine at what time point during a 5km run, might run performance enhancement and potentiation be observed.
Effect of Back Squat Depth on Lower-Body Postactivation Potentiation. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.
Impairment of long-term potentiation and spatial memory in leptin receptor-deficient rodents.
Thus, the aim of the present study was to analyze the effect of different intensities of post-activation potentiation on vertical jump performance in university volleyball players.
Long-term potentiation facilitates synaptic strength and may play important roles in hippocampal-dependent spatial learning and memory processes.
The reduction of long-term plasticity was most likely mediated by decreased inhibition and subsequent prepotentiation of synaptic transmission, which saturated LTP and prevented further potentiation. This was supported by the observation of steeper fEPSP slopes in input-output curves of Cb KO mice as compared to WT mice.
Voluntary exercise does not enhance long-term potentiation in the adolescent female dentate gyrus.
Similarly, it was concluded from double disc potentiation method that the strains under study were also MBL producers (Fig.
The following keywords were searched: "postactivation potentiation", "sprint", "complex training and sprint".
The test used was "potentiation of phenobarbital sleeping time." The test is used to elucidate CNS-active properties of the drugs such as hypnotics, sedatives, and tranquilizers.
The presently described studies test the hypothesis that p75NTR-induced potentiation of the effects of fenretinide on neuroblastoma cells occurs through regulation by p75NTR of the expression of the cellular retinoic acid binding protein I (CRABP1).