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FB13, which most potently inhibited AChE, was further separated by MPLC (a linear-gradient from 10% [CH.
In preclinical studies, SPC4955 potently and dose-dependently inhibited the synthesis of apoB resulting in significant and durable reductions in plasma levels of LDL-C and triglycerides(2).
Type 1 interferons potently enhance humoral immunity and can promote isotype.
Her apocalyptic wallpaper renders power, whether patriarchal or otherwise, potently visceral, productively slipping the noose of absolutist readings with each gummy convolution of line.
Throughout this non-hierarchical landscape, however, the plan is moderated by a number of key topographical fix points including the grand stair (beautifully sculpted to include an under-stair bench), the entry court--featuring Fault Line by Andy Goldsworthy--and most potently the two hairpin intersection points between galleries where acute geometries are resolved.
But the reporter certainly didn't "plant" the enthusiastic response of the assembled soldiers to Wilson's question, which potently described a significant source of frustration for our overstretched, under-equipped troops.
Rarely have I seen so much content expressed so lucidly and potently in so brief a space.
They are bigger, more adaptable and ( more potently ( carry a virus which decimates their red cousins.
The Heartbreakers, especially Benmont Tench and Mike Campbell, are punishingly good, playing as potently as they have in several years.
These relational nuances potently influence decisions about lesson content and sequencing as well as our communication patterns.
Most potently, time is inscribed in Tom's filmed interview with Harry, who tells Tom of his confusion and anguish after leaving the seminary, of how he has been unable to find a secular identity upon which to build a new life.