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POTESTAS, civil law. A Latin word which signifies power; authority; domination; empire. It has several meaning. 1. It signifies imperium, or the jurisdiction of magistrates. 2. The power of the father over his children, patriapotestas. 3. The authority of masters over their slaves, which makes it nearly synonymous with dominium. See Inst. 1, 9, et 12; Dig. 2, 1, 13, 1; Id. 14, 1; Id. 14, 4, 1, 4.

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It defined the space and range of his immediate household, over whom he exercised potestas or dominium
One source of this authority is the Roman law, vitae necisque potestas, which is the government-sanctioned right of the father to kill his child.
If in private law, in certain cases, the mandatary can decide on the substitution of its own person with another who can conclude legal acts on his/her behalf and account and who basically acts as a mandator in relation to the new mandatary, in public law the mandate cannot be retransmitted, as a consequence of the principle delegata potestas non delegatur.
There are passim discussions of the difference between auctoritas and potestas, natural law, freedom of conscience, the balance between equity and justice, strictness and "economy" and episcopal discretion in the application of canonical strictures, symphonia and the separation of church and state, and other themes for which scholars might want to consult the book.
The four parts of Interim were Corpus, Pecunia, Historia, Potestas.
He defined the sovereignty as the "summa potestas," ie.
This is why fides becomes almost synonymous with dicio and potestas.
Unde Philosophus in II" Physicorum dividit principium operativum quod est fatio contra principium operativum quod est natura, eo quod rationalis potestas valet ad opposita, natura vero ad unum tantum.
421, 426 (1927) (explaining the restriction on redelegation under the maxim delegate potestas non potest delegari--an authority delegated cannot be redelegated).
Magnum quidem illud saeculo dedecus, magnum rei publicae vulnus impressum est: imperator et parens generis humani obsessus, captus, inclusus, ablata mitissimo seni servandorum hominum potestas ereptumque principi illud in principatu beatissimum, quod nihil cogitur.
Women, Marriage and Patria Potestas in Medieval Florence.
Sciat omnis potestas alia nos dominos in nostra parte orbis terrae cogitare semper futuros.