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And her saying that selling the iAroma potpourri Dobner took was "a grand mistake" Friday showed she didn't acknowledge she was responsible for selling the product.
It would be beyond the scope of this communication to attempt to describe in detail Nursing's Potpourri.
A lawyer said the accounts of the two main witnesses were very clear that the defendant had introduced the potpourri in which the camera was hidden.
Potpourri decided that to satisfy growing demand, it needed much more space than it had in Whitinsville.
According to Herring, the driving force behind Holiday Potpourri has been and still is parents who love FPDS.
Tuesday night's Jeopardy episode featured a hot and steamy category entitled "Sexiest Potpourri Ever," a grab bag category of miscellaneous answers.
Levittown housewife Natalie Malik said that she purchased the potpourri bag from Riverhead HomeGoods store on Saturday and dumped the scented plants in a bowl on her dining room table.
4 January 2013 - US catalog retailer Potpourri Group Inc has taken over domestic bedding related products retailer Cuddledown Inc, expanding into the bedding product sector, the buyer's owner, US private equity firm American Capital Ltd (NASDAQ:ACAS), said.
78 for flute, cello and fortepiano, and his Potpourri op.
I've used it in potpourri to keep the scent of dried flowers longer.
In a potpourri of summer and fall events across the country, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) continues to model a church in "Mission for Others" (the denomination's theme).