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Holiday Potpourri was established 40 years ago by a committee of ladies who wanted to have a tea social to benefit the school," explains Gary Herring, FPDS headmaster.
Third place was taken by Home Scents potpourris from Carson-Saeks Inc.
There are friends whose homes I can no longer visit because they have taken to keeping potpourri and/or scented candles around for all to ``enjoy.
A considerable share of Glade's success came at the expense of private label potpourris, which declined nearly 26% to $2.
While consumers today have many different options for adding fragrance to their home, including electric plug-ins, diffusers, scent disks, sprays, potpourris, incense and bed linens sprays, candles alone are multi-sensory, imparting both scent to the home and a beautiful, romantic glow that hearkens back to an earlier time," Danziger says.
The market for home fragrance products, including candles and candle accessories, sprays, plugs-ins, room fresheners, potpourris, air fresheners, air purifiers and more, reached $8.