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Holiday Potpourri was established 40 years ago by a committee of ladies who wanted to have a tea social to benefit the school," explains Gary Herring, FPDS headmaster.
There are friends whose homes I can no longer visit because they have taken to keeping potpourri and/or scented candles around for all to ``enjoy.
Driven by consumers' desire for their homes to smell good, some 80 percent of all adult Americans bought some kind of home fragrance product in the past year, including candles and candle accessories, sprays, plugs-ins, room fresheners, potpourris, air fresheners, air purifiers and more.
While consumers today have many different options for adding fragrance to their home, including electric plug-ins, diffusers, scent disks, sprays, potpourris, incense and bed linens sprays, candles alone are multi-sensory, imparting both scent to the home and a beautiful, romantic glow that hearkens back to an earlier time," Danziger says.