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I went to the library and learned that the pioneers would have made a poultice out of sour milk and clay.
Nurse Kenny tries everything she can think of: a heated salt bag, a linseed poultice.
Figgis adeptly demonstrates how Deller's project acted as a poultice to draw out individual and collective memories of an episode that, despite its enormous social and economic consequences, has now largely been buried amid a welter of misinformation.
Plantain or "coltsfoot" that grew along the edge of meadows was used as poultice for boils and cuts.
Another herb that's very good for this condition is comfrey, making a poultice of comfrey leaves.
One prisoner wrote to his parents, who printed the letter as a broadsheet: `When any of our comrades that were chained to us died, we kept it a secret as long as we could for the smell of the dead body, in order to get their allowance of provision, and many a time have I been glad to eat the poultice that was put to my leg for perfect hunger.
Elizabeth Smith's cure for "a Sore Breast before 'tis broken" was to "Boil white Bread and Milk to a Poultice, then put to it Oil of Lillies, and the Yolk of an Egg; set it over the Fire again to heat, and apply it as hot as can be endured: Dress it Morning and Night till 'tis broke, then dress it with the Poultice of Raisins.
It then occurred to [Ellen] that the smoothness of herface might betray her; so she decided to make another poultice, and put it in awhite handkerchief to be worn under the chin, up the cheeks, and to tie over the head.
Stretchable melt blown nonwovens are used mainly in items such as gloves, masks and waistbands for adult incontinence products, poultice and plaster bases, slip protection sheets and mat linings.
Salmon says Ricinus contains one of the most toxic naturally occurring substances known, yet the Tarahumara use the plant to make a poultice for bruises, boils, and headaches.