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A poultice made from crushed yarrow leaves applied directly to a wound helps promote healing.
A deep brush cleanse gently exfoliates as it prepares the skin for a warm herbal poultice massage using green tea, hibiscus, rose and marigold flowers.
The Thai Herbal Poultice Facial is an advanced esthetic therapy that incorporates four massage modalities based on the healing traditions of Thailand.
Copper and magnesium sulphate provides pain relief and hence magnesium sulphate was also used in making poultice (Auras, 2008; Gonzalez 1997).
As the winner of Spa Asia Magazine's Crystal Award for 'Asia's Best Small Spa 2005', Sense of touch offers a range of innovative ethnic treatments including ayurvedic massage - an ancient Indian treatment - and a Thai hot poultice therapy.
Apply a poultice of equal parts of Manuka honey and liquid cod liver oil.
Nurse Kenny tries everything she can think of: a heated salt bag, a linseed poultice.
The Food and Drug Administration in July 2003 announced that its tentative final monograph for over-the-counter external analgesic products would exclude patch, plaster of poultice dosage forms.
Figgis adeptly demonstrates how Deller's project acted as a poultice to draw out individual and collective memories of an episode that, despite its enormous social and economic consequences, has now largely been buried amid a welter of misinformation.