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POUND, weight. There are two kinds of weights, namely, the troy, and the avoirdupois. The pound avoirdupois is greater than the troy pound, in the proportion of seven thousand to five thousand seven hundred and sixty. The troy pound contains twelve ounces, that of avoirdupois sixteen ounces.

POUND, Eng. law. A place enclosed to keep strayed animals in. 5 Pick. 514; 4 Pick. 258; 9 Pick. 14.

POUND, money. The sum of twenty shillings. Previous to the establishment of the federal currency,, the different states made use of the pound in computing money; it was of different value in the several states.
     2. Pound sterling, is a denomination of money of Great Britain. It is of the value of a sovereign. (q.v.) In calculating the rates of duties, the pound sterling shall be considered and taken as of the value of four dollars and eighty cents. Apt of March 3, 1833.
     3. The pound sterling of Ireland is to be computed, in calculating said duties, at four dollars and ten cents. Id.
     4. The pound of the British provinces Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Canada, is to be so computed at four dollars. Act of May, 22, 1846.

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"Fifty Shades is very much built around the idea of this BDSM relationship, which doesn't feature at all in A Pound Of Flesh. The sex scenes in A Pound Of Flesh are part of this relationship that's built up, but they are not integral to it."
He understood that the owner was expressing the age-old and universal anti-Semitic belief, one still believed by far too many people today, that Jews are nothing more than money-grubbing Shylocks, who would do anything -- lie, cheat, steal, prey and betray -- to get their "pound of flesh.'' To make a buck.
Official Synopsis of "Suits" Season 4 Episode 5 "Pound of Flesh": "Rachel becomes increasingly anxious about work, school, and the growing attraction between herself and Pearson Specter client Logan Sanders.
David Robson, chairman of the NFU in Northumberland, said: "It seems the Estate is wanting its pound of flesh."
In one of his plays, The Merchant of Venice, Jewish merchant Shylock asks for a pound of flesh when Antonio fails to settle a debt of 3,000 ducats within the agreed time.
The lawyer, Portia, solved the dilemma when she pointed out that it is impossible to separate a pound of flesh from the blood therein.
On the way they battle local rival band, Sensira, as well as a cynical music industry, determined to get its pound of flesh from the group.
Antonio cannot pay him back, and Shylock seeks his literal pound of flesh. The drama comes to a head in one of the most famous courtroom scenes in literature.
Mullins said: "My reading of this whole situation is they've had their pound of flesh and time will show my innocence.
(3) The contract memorializing the loan does not call for interest, but provides that if Antonio fails to repay the debt on time, he must sacrifice a pound of flesh, to be taken from "nearest his heart," (4) a penalty sure to result in Antonio's death.
Which character in Shakespeare's play The Merchant Of Venice owed a pound of flesh to Shylock?
Even if we're living in a mud hut surviving on grass shoots, they'll get their pound of flesh.