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POUNDAGE, practice. The amount allowed to the sheriff, or other officer, for commissions on, the money made by virtue of an execution. This allowance varies in different states, and to different officers.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Despite the reduced poundage from my usual 54 pounds I shot for years, I had a great season.
A power station utilizing the run of the river flows for generation of power with sufficient poundage for supplying water for meeting diurnal or weekly fluctuations of demand.
"You sweat so much, you'll lose poundage. Though, honestly?
Pryce, a natural lightmiddle, seemed sluggish with the extra poundage, although it was emphasised by the blurring hand speed of the holder.
"He has definitely got no more poundage up his sleeve," said Tim Palin, racing manager for owners Middleham Park Racing.
The manner of his victory suggests that he would not have been troubled by the 5lb penalty that would have applied had he won the previous evening and he should defy the extra poundage here.
Reflecting the tightening economy worldwide, global consumption of formulated adhesives in 2009 showed a decrease in both poundage and value from the previous year.
AS the problem of obesity grows, car manufacturers are building ever bigger tin cans to carry our extra poundage.
For Folkard it is a particularly great achievement to stay at the top this year, as she has been working her way back into competition after shoulder surgery last December, and she is still shooting a bow of lower than usual poundage.
By 1996, New Yorker Michael was back to his peak weight and although a stint in rehab helped him shed half his total poundage, history began to repeat itself.
From 1992 to 2002, North American poundage consumption of plastics materials grew an average of 4.8 % annually.