pour forth

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6 : to pour forth fluid or other contents <The chimney discharged smoke.>
From mountains of fabric, a plethora of color, texture and design, eventually the yellows and golds of a single bargello quilt pour forth an intense light into the surrounding darkness, and I understand more fully how the Trinity works, of one substance, Marcene/Elsie/Toni.
Christian Roberts netted the penalty - and all that pent-up moaning and groaning, cruelly thwarted for the last four months, could pour forth.
From once he had crossed the threshold, there was no stopping him and others began to pour forth in the months and years that were to follow.
Henry Fowler said that he wanted his Modern English Usage to "tell people that altogether is different from all together, or nail alright and all right to the counter, or distinguish accessary from accessory." His famous book set the model for the many usage guides which continue to pour forth from publishers.
In each day, in each moment, life's blessings continuously pour forth. In the quiet times, in the grand and magnificent experiences, there is always richness upon richness in the living of life.
Obviously the Gulag survivors have felt the urge to pour forth the suppressed memories and thus to contribute to future corrections.
* While new low carb frozen desserts pour forth from ice cream marketers like Friendly and Good Humor-Breyers (whose new low carb frozen yogurt was covered elsewhere in this issue), a recent survey conducted by InsightExpress, indicates that less than 10% of all Americans are currently on a low-carb diet.
"To pour forth benefits for the common good is divine." -Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's Almanack, 1756
The point was to break the ice of the child's unconscious, to let the slush pour forth in vivid associations and waking dreams.