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Buildings are of concrete construction on poured concrete slabs with brick exteriors and rubber roofs with asphalt-shingled mansards.
Purchase transported and poured concrete foundations and wall elevations to support execution of the work "Consolidation embankments on DJ 185, km 49 + 400-km 49 + 500 - Bistra village, Maramures County.
The hotel, right, was constructed in the 1920s with distinctive stone pillars and poured concrete stained to resemble redwood.
Silhouetted against the poured concrete wall are skylit staircases with polished aluminium treads and lighted handrails that are contained within black steel box beams, forming shallow Xs as austere and assertive as anything by Donald Judd.
Moore, a Navy construction mechanic second class, says she has worked on bulldozers, built shipping crates, targets for small arms ranges and even poured concrete.
The buildings are being constructed using the tunnel form method, a combination of poured concrete and block walls, floors and ceilings.
effective product often preferred over asphalt or poured concrete as an alternate low maintenance solution.
238110 Poured Concrete Foundation and Structure Contractors
For example, the poured concrete floor is tinted to feel sandy, new enlarged window openings from ceiling to floor are framed in stainless steel to become voids between the restored cast iron columns.
The floors in the front halls have been redone in marble, and the slippery tiles of the front landing have been replaced with poured concrete.
The ocean resort area, whose history dates back to the 1900's when the boardwalk was a 10-foot wide poured concrete slab with a sea wall, now has the opportunity to become a primary travel destination for visitors to the Central Florida area.